Physician, Heal Yourself

by The Miracle of You

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The Miracle of You was formed between five friends from New Jersey and Virginia back in the winter of 2005 and stayed on the road touring with numerous bands until their abrupt breakup in the late summer of 2007. In that short amount of time, TMOY released an EP off of Hotfoot Records entitled, "Sound and Shape," and followed up with two nationwide tours, including shows in Mexico and also at the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois. Despite all members going their own ways and pursuing different dreams, they remained friends and continuously spoke about reuniting for one last time to finish an experience that was never fully settled, never completely closed, and perhaps could only be accomplished with the recording of one more song. This idea solidified in December of 2010 when all former members came together in Brooklyn, New York, to record "Physician, Heal Yourself" at Translator Audio Studios with Justin Mantooth. The song can speak for itself... however, the importance and magnitude underlying the experience of touring and creating music with friends and family can, perhaps, never be fully realized unless one is fortunate enough to experience such a journey for him or herself...

We are forever grateful to those who supported us and whom we befriended along the way, and we can only hope to cross paths with you again another day. Though it's been a long time since we have seen you, and though the amplitude of our music may have diminished with time, the miracle of you - you, and we - is still a distinct and distilled memory, and one that will never be forgotten.

- TMOY, April 5, 2011


released April 5, 2011



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